Our patron - Tony Halik

Mieczysław Antoni Sędzimir Halik - his real name - (January 24, 1921 - May 23, 1998) was a Polish traveller and explorer.

Halik was born in Toruń, Poland. During World War II, he was a fighter pilot in No. 201 Squadron of British RAF. After being shot down over France, he joined the French Resistance. For his actions, he was awarded the French Cross of War medal.

After the war, he was working as a correspondent for NBC for over thirty years.

In 1976, along with his wife Elżbieta Dzikowska and prof. Edmundo Guillen, he reached the legendary Inca capital Vilcabamba.

For over twenty years, Halik and his wife hosted over three hundred TV shows and series for Polish Television. He also created over four hundred documentary films, wrote thirteen books and many press articles.

He died in Warsaw, Poland.

source: Vikipedia - the Engish version