From the 21st January our school is a member of AEHT - European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools.

Nowadays there are more Polish hotel and tourism schools in AEHT from Kołobrzeg, Poznań, Grudziądz, Rzeszów, Pionki and Świdnica. Altogether there are over 360 schools from the whole Europe. Some schools from the USA and Mexico are the members-observers - they may partizipate in conferences and competitions but they can't vote in AEHT.

All the time we try to improve our international contacts and cooperation with other countries. We partizipate in new projects and we look for new partners.

As the school is the member of AEHT our teachers and students:

  • share experiences with the European schools
  • meet other students and teachers
  • have the possibility of being trained in attractive places.

We cooperate with Hungary, Germany, France and Ireland.