ZSHT not only teaches how to be professionals but also gives the opportunity to be initiative, active and creative in the pottential business future. Our students took part in Giełda Pracy (Job Auction) and Turniej Przedsiębiorczości (Initiative Contest), in contest "How not to be unemployed" and "My ideas for future work." We run our mini-enterprise "Dance School" and we have participated in the "Initiative Day" since 2007. We follow the projects: Economics at school, Banks in action, Management, Stock Market and others.


From November 2006 to April 2007 our students:

Małgorzata Cichocka, Karolina Wiśniewska, Karolina Olszewska, Ewelina Szalewska, Marta Lewandowska, Adrian Samoraj, Łukasz Kubik, Weronika Zielińska

established "Dance School Perfect." They learned how to run a business with all the documents; how to pay rent, taxes and insurance. It was hard work and it ended with a success for the students and teachers - they got GRAND PRIX 2007 for the Best Mini-Enterprise in Poland. They were prized by the municipality "Starostwo Powiatowe" in August 2007.


The Achievement Day is organised by Junior Achievement Foundation. The first time we took part in the Achievement Day on 15th March 2007 - then a hundred of our students visited 35 companies. In 2008, 3rd April we had 288 students in 130 companies, and on 2nd April 2009 - 356 students in 160 companies.

The students visited many different companies, where they had a chance to observe different jobs and learn how to run a bussines. They have also learned what qualifications are necessary for these positions and the proceadures of getting these jobs. The students like the idea very much and they are willing to participate in this special Achievement Day again. Now they can verify opinions about the jobs and share their experience with other students.